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Survival Tips for Affiliate Marketers

You’ve signed up to a great new affiliate program. Your banners have been picked, other marketing materials chosen and you have a developed strategy.

Now that you have it all figured out, you need to think about your marketing strategies. You may wonder what the problem is. Below are the most common reasons people struggle to get leads and commissions from their affiliate marketing.

The Duration of Cookies

Not everyone will purchase as soon as they land on a product. That can be detrimental for you, which is why merchants will use cookies. When someone revisits, the merchant knows that it was originally through you, so you still get the commission later on.

The problem is the time these cookies are available will vary. Some will disappear as soon as a person leaves the site. Others can last 24 hours, a week or even years. There’s also the issue of users clearing their cache and cookies regularly or using blocking software.

The merchant may not even have the right type of software to make sure you get the sale, and there is nothing you can do!

Different Payment Methods

When affiliate programs process payments for merchants, there are often various payment methods available. While this can be excellent for the customers, it doesn’t help you.

It’s always important to look into the details of an affiliate network. If there are doubts about payment methods and getting commissions, contact the merchants to make sure you get the best deal.

Monitoring Arrangements

There will be issues with software, even on the best run affiliate programs. You need to check the cookies and the sites regularly to make sure your pay isn’t affected negatively. © 2015 Frontier Theme