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Creative Fundraiding Ideas

Fundraisers can be the perfect way to back up your ideas with financial aid. Here are some concepts that would get you to brainstorm your fundraiser planning.

DECIDE ON HOW HUGE YOUR CAUSE IS: if you are collecting money for a small school event, then you do not need to go overboard. You can start by causing awareness of the event through pamphlets, text messages or social media.

If you are planning to give presents on Christmas then you can hold book gathering or Karaoke nights. If your cause is one of aiding accident victims or for a medical condition, then you can arrange grander social events like carnivals or food festival.

THINK ABOUT THE TARGET AUDIENCE: Be precise on WHO would be most interested in your fundraising event. If the audience is stay at home moms, then go for a backyard sale involving all kinds of thrift clothing, second hand toys or cheap cutlery/dinner sets.

Ask you acquaintance to donate used things in good quality and assemble them in an organized way. If you want to lure teenagers, then keep dance parties, movie nights or video games competitions with tickets. You can arrange picnics in any local park with food stalls that would bring out families.

CHECK YOUR RESOURCES: It is very important to know if you can carry out the plan on a budget. If your budget is not high enough to pay for a funfair event, then go for bake sales. Use the ingredients that are already present in your house. Or make DIY projects out of used things like plastic bottles, newspaper, old cups etc. Make them into creative articles and sell them or present them in exhibition.

Remember to keep your guests entertained by background music or free refreshments. Don’t charge them for everything or they would be less inclined to actually donate. The cheapest of all fundraising is to keep jars or boxes on shop/restaurant counters with a short explanation note.

BE INNOVATIVE. BE FUN! : The more interesting the fundraiser is, the more people will be attracted to it. Organize little challenges where people have to pay to play. You can do ‘Break the balloon’, ‘Car smash’, ‘All you can eat’, ‘Dance Off.’ You can keep themed parties with an entrance fee.

There can be public jobs like ‘Car wash’ or ‘Clean the streets.’ There can be outdoor activities like ‘Hiking’ or ‘Canoeing’ with a trained professional. You can arrange auctions. Offer people free stuff if they buy something to make it more appealing.

DO WHAT YOU CAN DO BEST: at the end of the day, it’s about the people you are donating to. The more money you can collect, the better it is. Do what you are good at; be it entertaining people, making things or selling them.

It will be easier and more beneficial if you play to your strengths. Show your appreciation to people who are donating money or things so they are motivated to do so in the future. © 2015 Frontier Theme