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Affiliate Programs Online

Owing to the massive plethora of internet marketing, almost every online business – across this virtual world – now has its own affiliate program online, whatever the field may be. It allows marketers to earn a good chunk of commission and/or revenue share upon every new sale that they make!

Affiliate marketing programs are spread across a wide spectrum distinguished only by quality, reliability and standard.

There are giant affiliate programs well-known to the inhabitants of this tech-savvy society with Amazon, ranked as the top most popular contender of this list. It is undoubtedly the largest online retailer of the world, and one of the most widely-accepted affiliate programs online.

To add to it, their number one claim to fame is the fact that it offers affiliates a straight up 10% commission – on certain products – for every direct sale made!

The growing trust that they have created with their customers is the backbone of their business, and that is what gives affiliates a 100% assurity of completely hassle-free and timely pay outs.

They are known to track records along with providing detailed invoices which makes tracking payments, conversion rates and all your earnings surprisingly easy.

However the downside to it is that payments take around 45 days for processing, and so it is not exactly a convenient cash flow for those who are running on a strict budget!

Coming to the second top contender in the list of top 4 affiliate programs online, is eBay partner network. This network functions similarly to Amazon, with affiliates earning commission based on the sales produced.

The biggest advantage of eBay’s affiliate program is that it gives out a 200% bonus for purchases made by new customers. It is therefore quite lucrative, making it a far profitable source of income!

The third popular affiliate network is LinkShare. It provides an excellent platform for marketers who wish to promote a large share of services and products provided by various merchants. Its greatest advantage is the fact that is user-friendly and has made tracking conversions, commissions and clicks super simple!

Other than this, there are two different styles of affiliate networks, namely: CPA and CPS.

CPA – Cost-per-action offers to pay affiliates for actions and leads. These offers consists of love/dating websites, online games and different software trials. For instance, if a user has signed up for a free 30 day trial etc. to try out a new software or a game, the affiliate will get paid instantly. They also have a typically good pay-out rate as opposed to cost-per-sale affiliate offers! © 2015 Frontier Theme